Adhesive Glue Stick
Keratin Fusion System (Strand-by-Strand)
for Human H
air Extension

Using our Glue Gun and Keratin Adhesive Glue Stick, you
can have a strand ( dozens ) of single hairs bonded ( extended) directly onto customer's own Hair Strand-By-Strand Fusion System.

Or, using our Keratin Glue Stick, you can make good quality of
Pre-bonded hair, (1) Stick Hair for Ring System, and (2) Nail Hair.

1) Diamer 7 mm
2) Length 100 mm
3) Weight about 4 grams/pc
4)Available colors Black, Brown, Beige ( Blond)
Melting point 100 Degree C.
Congeal point 60 Degree C. ( higher than Silicone)
Our Keratin Bonding lasts for 3 months.
Very Easy & Simple removing
1. Absolutely different from industrial (general)
glue sticks in Silicone which melt easily.
2. Our glue stick works against HOT SHOWER and
HOT BLOW of a dryer
3. Soft but Powerful Bonding Long Lasting ( 3 ~ 6 months)
4. Specially developed & devised
for Professional   Hair Extension

You can make hair pieces just like our Stick Hair using our Keratin Stick, Gun, and Bulky Hair or Wefted Hair.
Besides, you can have our a strand of Stick Hair extended onto own hair by applying Hot melted glue onto own hair and Stick hair, and rolling them to be attached.

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