Hair ( Skin) Implantation M/C
( Our Product Code:
CW440-HI )
used in having Human hairs or Synthetic fibers) implanted into Imitation Skin (CW2440-FSS-MHI )
in thicness of 0.37mm or 0.48mm in order to make Skin Parting pieces or Skin Crown pieces of Machine Made Ladies' Wigs

CW440-HI is not used for making Men's Hairpieces ( Toupees) which are to be made by " HAND-TIE ( KNOT, OR

Hairs can not be implanted onto Nets or Laces of Wigs or Toupees by any Sewing machine.

1) Implanting Human hairs or Synthetic fibers
into Skin (Part, Crown, Top) of Ladies' Machine
Made Wigs

2) Implanting Human hairs or Synthetic fibers
into Training ( manikin)Wigs
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